How To Enquire And Get The Information You Needed In Escorts Industry?

1). Speaking from the point of view of an Escort Service Provider; the naked truth about an Escort Industry is that right out there in the general public, there are indeed a lot of sick sexual obsessed people. He can be your colleague sitting next to you, the good teacher that always greet you or even a religious preacher. Reading this, someone will surely ask; how can you be so sure? Well, let me tell you this… 

Reading from a report from a customer service support team, plenty of calls we received in a day. Most of it is either looking for love; that’s is still considered reasonable to me. They might be lonely and need someone to love and that’s natural. 

I wish to put out the un-natural human behavior that is so disgusting and/or even to the point of un-human; that is the closest definition i can think of. Text that we received are mostly disrespectful, worst if it is a woman answering. Some would send their body part to show how big and thick it is… the list goes on…

But who am i to judge, i am too are disresputable sometimes. The purpose of this content is for those who are genuinely seeking a companion. Someone who wants to “Try” something new. But just lack of a proper guidance to get your enquiry be heard of.

2). Failure in to enquire means on the other end; that is the one who is talking to you; will definitely define you as an in-experience player. And if you are being categorized that; somehow that will burn a big hole in your pocket. 

This content won’t transform you into a negotiation expert but the least it will and can help you to achieve your first important part; and that is getting the attention of the customer support individual. . 

  1. First and foremost, introduce yourself and state which girl or whom you are looking for. Provide information like from where you get the contacts from and that special lady’s name, and ask if she is available on the specific time or date that you wish to meet her.
  2. For models grade that shown in the web, most of them refuses to be in IN-Call, so that is a slim chance that you won’t be able to see her at all; unless you got a place. Meaning… if you haven’t decide which hotel or you don’t have any place. it is better you get it first.
  3. You possibly going to fail your enquiry if you started you first line with : PICTURE, RATE AND LOCATION. And those rude communication skills, i don’t have to write it down here, through a person communication way, we already decide we don’t want our girls near that individual at all.
  4. Be sincere and cooperative, there are reasons why we are asking a few unrelated questions. 
  5. In Malaysia, the nature of the business is in the grey zone area. Meaning neither can you operate openly nor you can’t operate at all.So, in Malaysian language. YOU KENA “Pandai-Pandai” la.

1) FOR IN-CALL enquiry :

  • Please state the time that you plan to visit us. This is usually on that day itself.
  • For in-calls, no advance booking is needed. You can just set an appointment on the time and date you plan to visit us.
  • Should you fail to make your appointment and resulting to that particular Escort a wastage of her working time, it is fair that in future we would not accept your enquiry.
  • Please do understand that, we have plenty of outlets, the girls are inter-changeable from one outlet to another. It’s impossible to know which and whom is at. Unless there is a certain time frame for us to check and locate her.
  • Your nationality are required as the ladies has their preferences too. For Malaysians, please state your ethnic.
  • All uploaded pictures are real pictures of the girls when they have their professional photo shoots. Some are with wigs, specs and various kinds of cosmetics.
  • Kindly don’t ask for video sex, call sex or any disgusting behavior that will just degrades you as a gentlemen.
  • Please respect the ladies, they are humans too. Everyone has a need to survive.
  • Prices are at anytime negotiable BUT it must be done when you had arrived at the location.

2) FOR OUT-CALL enquiry :

  • Please state the exact location, date and time, you required the service.
  • Please do not call up if you haven’t make up your mind or you can’t even let us know the location of your place of stay. There are numerous reasons that were given to us like : It is private information. For that matter, it is impossible to give a quote and this will result to an baseless enquiry.
  • As for 2021 onwards, if our customer support group ask for your location. The answer replied to us has no specifics like – I’m in KL, at home or whichever answers that don’t have a specifications; we will treat this as a prank calls.
  • For clients that are from outstations, please state the exact name of the hotel or residence that you required us to send. In KL alone, there are several hotel which comes under the same name; it would be better if you could know the street name which you’re in.
  • All hotels in Kuala Lumpur welcome guests into their premises or business meetings conduct in their premises. No approval is needed from the hotel’s management.
  • Your nationality are also required for out-calls customers, as the girls has their preferences too.
  • Especially some we had graded them as higher profile models, they want to know who they are meeting.
  • Kindly don’t ask for more pictures of the girls. You will get what you see. Moreover what we have is already uploaded on the web.
  • If the client have specific choices of costumes that required the girls to wear, please do provide it for them.
  • Verification of the client are extremely important for the safety of the girls. Your actual surname and the room number of the hotel or address of the premises that you reside.
  • Bookings is considered partially confirm when all of the above requirement are met.
  • Should the client unable to provide these information, kindly respect our privacy and please don’t ask for photos of our girls. There are plenty of them uploaded in the web, you can view from there.
  • All information provided to us are discreet and confidential, we operate on a highly confidential integrity. Our interest is that the girls will be home safe.
  • And also, all info that are given; it would be easier to process if it is included with actual proof of statement; for example a screenshot of your reservation receipt or the confirmation from the reserved hotels…(for advance bookings.)
  • After all these are met, the management’s customer service will proceed with a reasonable quote to your enquiry.
  • Negotiations for outcalls are acceptable.
  • Transportation charges varies from place to place. (that is why we need your location, don’t misunderstand that we want to know how rich you are.)
  • There will be times when the destination is too far, we will ask for a reasonable deposit for petrol or for tips for the lady.
  • THE MANAGEMENT ASSURES YOU THAT – The lady will surely arrive at your address. By any means if she happened to die on the route to your destination, your deposit will be refunded fully RIGHT AWAY.
  • The management apologize for any text or calls that is unanswered as we had a system that unwelcome pranks.
  • Kindly respect our privacy, do provide these info so that other genuine clients will have much more required attentions from our customer service operators.


  1. Respect yourselves and respect the customer service operators.
  2. DON’T send nude pictures of yourselves or photos of any part of your body to us.
  3. The operators are one of our employees, they are not in the list for bookings. And they definitely are not interested to know how huge whatever that is in that picture.
  4. Kindly do not be surprise that there are sometimes men answering the phone as they work on shifts.
  5. Please don’t make video calls or send us any pornographic mp4 to us. We thank you in advance but NO THANKS.
  6. Should the management feels that your enquiry aren’t sincere or genuine to be treated officially, kindly forgive us for ignoring your text or calls. We will block it if it deems necessary.
  7. We, the management will try our best to provide the best service for you, please work with us and make this a joyful interactions.


  • Some photo are done by photographer the management has employed. Some are not. Needless to say, professional’s works produce professional results, the photos will be much more attractive.
  • Some girls required their photos to be blank out as they have families here.
  • Some girls provide photo to us that “RESEMBLES” them, this is also because of their privacy concerned.

Kindly understand and respect the environment and the nature of the business involved. And of course, the privacy and the security of the ladies are the most important factor to us.